Zero-touch customs compliance.
End-to-end automated.

Meet CAS, the most comprehensive solution
for trade and customs management

So, what is Customs Accounting System (CAS)?

CAS is an end-to-end solution for customs and trade management. It’s designed by and for customs experts in order to drive efficiency in a time-critical and complex customs and trade landscape. CAS is a Software-as-a-Service solution, which means it is kept up-to-date with changing legislation and tariff measures automatically. It can easily be integrated with your ERP/WMS data and administration.

The result? A user-friendly modular solution, that will automate your customs declarations flawlessly, that will help you become and stay compliant with new regulations effortlessly and that help you achieve significant business value fast.

Five reasons
to get started with CAS

Want to know more about CAS?

  1. Automatic compliancy
    Remain up to date with changing legislation and tariff measures automatically.
  2. Integration with ERP & WMS
    Combine data from logistics with administration, and streamline your processes.
  3. Modular flexibility
    Choose the modules that create the most value for your business and scale up as you grow.
  4. Central, real-time insight
    Improve control and transparency, and share that information with colleagues and partners
  5. Quick ROI, cost savings
    Cut the red tape, avoid errors and automate processes to achieve impressive savings.

Choose the modules that create the most value for your business

Master Data

Master Data

Clean up your existing database, streamline input and share information



Automate formalities to avoid waiting time for your shipments

More info
Special Procedures

Special Procedures

Implement complex inventory-managed customs procedures to save on duty costs

Origin Management

Origin Management

Manage Free Trade Agreements to optimize your trade lanes

AEO Management

AEO Management

Eliminate spreadsheets with our online collaboration tool

Dual Use Classification

Dual Use Classification

Our online questionnaires wil save you hours sifting through legislation

Do you want to take charge of your customs & trade management?

Cut the red tape and automate your international trade, from declarations to stock management and administration. Avoid errors, fines, delays and inefficiency with CAS.

“CAS has already generated significant savings in terms of administration and customs duties. We now want to expand this to trade flows outside the UK. Thanks to the agility of CAS, this can happen quickly.”

Shaun Hall - Customs and International Trade Manager, Honda Motor Europe.

“When Honda leadership decided on one side to expand its trade flows and on the other side to optimize administration and customs duties by insourcing, it went for CAS in the UK. This allowed Honda not only to achieve their goals, but also to execute faster without expanding the internal team.”

Customs and International Trade Manager, Honda Motor Europe.

Do you want to take full control of your customs management?
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